If an infant buys an insurance company, it will cause waste? 1. Is it necessary for an infant to buy insurance?


After having a baby, parents must not only consider the baby’s health, but also make plans for the baby’s future. Therefore, most people will choose to purchase insurance to provide protection for their babies. Some people think that there is no need to buy insurance for the baby. So the question is, is it necessary for the baby to buy insurance? Which minefields should we avoid when buying an insurance company for the child?

1. Is it necessary for babies to purchase insurance?

First of all, it is very necessary for babies to purchase insurance, which is beneficial and harmless to a family after purchase. The risk cannot be predicted. The baby’s resistance is not as good as that of adults. Even the common cold and fever are much more likely to be hospitalized than adults. At this time, social insurance can fully play an important role and can greatly reduce the work of their parents. The expenses that need to be borne by the enterprise. 保險公司

Infant insurance is specially designed for children. It not only includes medical insurance, serious illness insurance, and accident insurance, which can protect children from the risks of illness and death, but also includes education fund insurance to pay for education and entrepreneurship expenses that children need to grow up.

Second, what should I buy for baby insurance?

Children’s medical insurance is a national welfare, cost-effective, and the basic protection is relatively comprehensive. Therefore, priority is given to purchasing children’s medical insurance. In addition, accident insurance, critical illness insurance, and medical insurance are also indispensable. Critical illness insurance is mainly used to make up for the economic losses caused to the family when suffering from a major illness; medical insurance compensates for losses caused by hospitalization or outpatient treatment; education insurance should be early but not too late to ensure the education of children.

If you purchase medical insurance, it is recommended to purchase accident insurance and critical illness insurance first, followed by medical insurance and education insurance. Of course, the insurance that is more suitable for you is the better insurance. When buying insurance for your baby, you must buy it according to your specific family’s economic situation and don’t blindly follow suit. 家居裝修保險

Three, baby insurance must avoid the following three minefields:

1. Ignore medical insurance. Children’s medical insurance is a must, and it is a basic guarantee given by the state;

2. Only care about children and ignore adults. In fact, parents are more important to protect children. If parents have no protection due to accidental disability or death, what to protect children?

3. Regardless of the situation, only buy life insurance for the child. In fact, buying insurance on a regular basis saves a lot more than life insurance, and insurance products are constantly changing. Maybe children will have better products when they grow up.